Rijula Das's debut novel A Death in Shonagachhi was published in July 2021 by Picador India and will be out as Small Deaths in USA & World in June 2022 with Amazon Crossing.
Russian rights have been bought by Ripol; and French rights have been bought by Éditions du Seuil, for publication in 2023.
A Death in Shonagachhi received the Tata Lit Live First Book Award 2021 and was longlisted for the JCB prize 2021. 
Adaptation rights have been optioned by Drishyam Films, and a limited series is currently in development. 
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'Das says she wrote and rewrote the book over six years. These years of painstaking effort and research are reflected in the sensitive manner in which each character has been fleshed out in this impressive debut novel.' –– The Hindu Business Line

'Although some lives are made to seem smaller than others and some deaths pushed to peripheries, ultimately, we are all the central characters of our own worlds. Das seemed to point to the very real struggle of co-existence between characters that have all cast themselves as the main character. How do we scrape for power, who do we disregard in this process? How can we make space for each other?' ––Scroll

'The book’s gripping narrative keeps a reader hooked from page to page, as the story swiftly navigates through its brief chapters. The story goes on to throw up a lot of dirt, highlighting several related aspects of the world’s oldest profession – an industry worth a few hundred billion dollars – such as sex rackets, rapes, police complicity, bribery, how demonetisation has affected the flesh trade and how mobile phones have altered its landscape.' –– eShe

‘A Death in Shonagachhi, through its finely developed characters and  settings, takes us deep into the hidden and harsh universes of the  layered city of Calcutta. Using her fly-on-the-wall method, Rijula  Das accomplishes a level of interiority that can compare itself to  Upton Sinclair’s seminal novel, The Jungle’ – Sarnath Banerjee,  author of Corridor and All Quiet in Vikaspuri

‘Addictive and hilarious. Rijula Das is a writer to watch’ – Avni  Doshi, Booker-shortlisted author of Burnt Sugar 

Rijula Das surprises you with everything in this book – the writing,  the scenes, the characters, the story. A debut you cannot stop  reading’ – Arunava Sinha, award-winning translator of Chowringhee and Tiger Woman 

‘From its electric opening to its sobering end, and even thereafter,  Rijula Das’s A Death in Shonagachhi will colonize your mind.  Here, set within the form of a murder mystery, is a deeply sensitive  portrait of life (and death) in a red-light district. Rijula is unafraid  of accessing interiorities and of where they take her. Decades ago  in France, Jean-Patrick Manchette called the crime novel the great  moral literature of our times. This novel seems to take that maxim  to heart’ – Tanuj Solanki, author of Diwali in Muzaffarnagar and The Machine is Learning

In the red-light district of Shonagachhi, Lalee dreams of trading a life of penury and violence for one of relative luxury as a better-paid ‘escort’, just as her long-standing client, erotic novelist Trilokeshwar ‘Tilu’ Shau, realizes he is hopelessly in love with her.

When a young woman who lives next door to Lalee is brutally murdered, a spiral of deceit and crime further disturbs the fragile stability of their existence. Despite misgivings, Lalee lets new opportunities promising wealth and respite lure her away from the familiar confines of her neighbourhood. But beneath the facade of the plush hotels lies an underbelly of unimaginable secrets that will endanger her life and that of numerous women like her. As the local Sex Workers’ Collective’s protests against government and police inaction and their calls for justice for the deceased woman gain fervour, Lalee and Tilu must each embark on a life-altering misadventure in order to escape a similarly savage fate.

Chekhovian in spirit and reminiscent of the works of Nabarun Bhattacharya, it introduces us to an astonishing new writer.


Indian Sub. 28 July 2021, Picador India

US & world,  June 2022, Amazon Crossing