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"An intensely gripping tale of a crime that is, at the same time, a story that is luminous with redeeming touches of love and hope, and a final sense of justice." 2021 Tata Literature Live! Awards

‘Addictive and hilarious’ – Avni Doshi

"Rijula Das has evaded the prevalent tropes of writing. It is very difficult to pin down the genre she is writing in – is it a love story for instance, is it a murder mystery, is it a novel about social justice? The book gives light to the popular and wrong notion that literature needs to necessarily be heavy. It manages to achieve everything that good literature does while at the same time being entertaining. It is full of beautiful humorous touches and outstanding at zooming into details." The JCB Prize 2021

"Though Rijula Das’ A Death in Shonagachhi has won the First Book Award at Tata Literature Live!, no number of accolades seem enough for this gem of a novel." ––India Today

‘Rijula Das surprises you with everything in this book – the writing, the scenes, the characters, the story’ – Arunava Sinha

A deeply sensitive portrait of life (and death) in a red-light district’ – Tanuj Solanki 

'Takes us deep into the hidden and harsh universes of the layered city of Calcutta’ – Sarnath Banerjee


A Death in Shonagachhi 

Indian territory, 28 July 2021, Picador India

US & world, 2022, Amazon Crossing

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Notes From A Passing (2016)

My Friend Finjo (2019)

Grave of the Heart Eater (2019)

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